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Lavender Hill Farm

e-Commerce Website


WordPress Migration

country mile realtors

Country Mile Realtors

IDX Data-Drive Website

10Talents Investors

FINRA Compliance Website


Custom CRM Integration


Online Ordering Integration

CNY Dental Arts

Cosmetic Dentistry Website

CPR Investments Inc

WordPress Multisite

N2O Solutions

WordPress Website


GSA Vehicle Website

K9 Kompliance

Online Booking Website


Stock Exchange Data Feed

We Sell Sonoma

Real Estate DB (IDX) Integration

Rocky's Fitness

Custom Subscription Application

Capitol Asset

E-Waste Recycling Website


WordPress Website

Baltimore Positive

Podcast Website

Lina Point Hotel Booking Website

Lina Point Resort

Hotel Bookings Website & App

WPHosting+ Customer Reviews

Read What Our Customers Are Saying…
I had to put together a WordPress calendar in a very short time, and so I contacted WPHostingPlus. They connected me with a representative who did an incredible job, not only helping me get it done, but also teaching me along the way. He saved me many hours of frustration, understood what I needed to accomplish, and was friendly and professional. Highly recommended!

Lori F.

Sales Manager

As someone who lives by the philosophy of “being the change I want to see in the world” folks like you make a huge impression. The world needs more business people like those in your company. I am so impressed with your expertise, willingness and help that I am left speechless!

Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.


Marketing Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most popular questions we get regarding WPHosting+.

1. I have a account, can you help me?

While we can definitely help you migrate from your existing account to a self-hosted website in our hosting environment, we cannot help you with requests. If you’re unfamiliar with the difference with vs., we’ve written a brief explanation here.

The short answer is that is a software-as-service platform geared towards casual bloggers and enthusiasts, and WPHosting+ is for Business-Grade WordPress Websites, Hosting, & Support. is for businesses who need a website solution that provides them with the ability to grow and customize their online experience.

If you are still simply looking for support, you can find their one and only means of gaining support here:

2. I'm locked out of my WordPress website, can you help me get back in?

Yes! If you’re the owner of a website AND you have access to your existing hosting environment, then we can “Jailbreak” your website to regain you administrative access.

In order to do so, we’ll need access to your existing hosting account, which includes the following details:

  1. The URL (website address) of your hosting provider.
  2. The Username to access your hosting account.
  3. The Password to access your hosting account.

With these 3 details we can work to Jailbreak your WordPress website.

3. Can you guys build our WordPress website for us?

Absolutely! We’ve currently built and managed nearly 600+ WordPress-powered sites, and we know what it means to build a website that is more than just decorative.

We tackle the job of building a new WordPress website for your business with the end goals in mind:

  1. Who’s the intended audience?
  2. What’s the role of your website in your business?
  3. Where are you planning on advertising your business?
  4. How do you plan on leveraging your website to grow your revenue?
  5. Why haven’t you called us sooner?

We’ll go through all these questions before we start to build a website because it’s important to understand the way in which your new site will help you grow your business.

4. I can host with {insert name here} for {ridiculously low price}…why would I pay more to host with WPHosting+?

Great question! And the short answer is: we’re doing much more than just “turning the lights on” for your WordPress project. We’re providing you with the managed WordPress infrastructure to grow your business.

Things that we do that your $5.99 a month hosting company cannot/will not/ does not do:

  1. Only WordPress — We ONLY host WordPress-powered websites in our hosting environment. This means everything we do is optimized to make your website run as best as possible.
  2. Incremental Cloud-Based Offsite backups — We back up your WordPress website on a regular schedule of multiple days so that we have the means of restoring your website in the event of an incident. It’s a whole other server environment we use to keep your website safe in the event of a catastrophe.
  3. 24/7 Uptime Monitoring — We know if your website is experiencing a server-level issue before you do so we are proactive about fixing outages for a seamless experience.
  4. Regular Security Audits — Security is paramount to peace of mind, and we’re big on giving businesses one less thing to worry about.
  5. Managed Updates — There’s nothing more frustrating that hitting the “update button” only to find our your website is now broken because of an incompatibility.

5. Can you host E-Commerce websites?

Yes! We have different pricing and options for dedicated servers for e-commerce WordPress sites using tools such as WooCommerce. Contact our sales team today for pricing.

6. Do you have bulk discounts?

Yes! We offer bulk discounts when you have multiple (3+) websites to host. Start a conversation with our sales team today to learn more.

7. What if I'm not happy?

We will work with you to better understand your dissatisfaction in hopes of addressing any issue; that being said — if you simply do not see the value in our services, during normal business hours, and in accordance with our internal workflow, we will pack up your WordPress website and send it to you electronically so you can move your website to a different hosting platform.

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